Completely At Peace


Where the wind blows even softer

and freely flows between my edges,

completely at peace.

Where my dimples diverge deeper into each cheek

and the happiness bounces back

from the snow white clouds,

completely at peace.

Where the white grows fonder around the iris

and the color of life wisps across

my plump flesh like hummingbirds to a beat,

completely at peace.

Barefoot toes spread freely, letting go of steam.

My mind rests tonight for the wine lets go of worries.


A Vintage Bloom Reflection (Hummers, Blooms, and a Novel)

Hummingbirds are consistently rushing to my deck for the sweet nectar I put out for them. I recently planted some beautiful petunias to lay underneath the hummingbird feeder and it wasn’t long till they learned of my peaceful little garden on my deck. I love it here. Perfect for writing and reading a sweet novel like Fault in Our Stars. Everyone needs a space where they can go to just sit, watch, and observe. This is my space. The flowers, the frequent humming and the sound of words being typed on my computer fills my heart with warmth, with love. It feeds my soul.

There is something wonderful in planting flowers. Just knowing they will bloom and have a purpose fills me with so much delight. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a purpose to care for these small birds, hummers. A while back, when I was a teenager, I went with my best friend and got a hummingbird tattooed on my upper leg. There was a reason I did this. I knew that was the only time I’d ever be in a tattoo parlor getting anything inked up. That was my one time to be adventurous and step outside my boundaries. The boundaries of comfort. Somethings are just meant to be. Everyday, 365 days of the year I wake up with a hummingbird tattooed on my leg, and only for a few of those days do I get to actually be in the presence of hummers at my feeder. It’s my purpose to care. My last semester of college I took an outdoor writing course, and yes I excelled. I finished with an A, and it was my favorite class. Writing for nature, well, being a voice for nature is so rewarding on the inside. I saw on Birds and Blooms website that you can actually take a class to be hummingbird certified, and of course, I am putting it on my list to achieve. It should be a fun adventure to learn even more, expert level on hummingbirds. Also, their subscription is only $7 right now, so if you are like me and love birds and blooms get your subscription now if you haven’t already. As I’m writing this, two hummingbirds came right to my feeder, not minding that I’m just a foot from them. It seems they can’t share because only one comes at a time. Beautiful creatures!

Here is the link for the hummingbird certification:

My second novel is slowly coming together. It will take time to really write what I want to say in this novel. Meanwhile, Henry and I are searching for a kitty. It won’t be long till she’s wrapped in my arms and in a new, forever home. There really is so much to look forward to in life. I suggest, to those depressed, to sit down and write out things to look forward to. Just thinking of the excitement can really release stress and bring on a humbling feeling. Think of the beauty in life, think of the beauty in your life. And, don’t forget to relax with a little wine.


Life is full of beauty and I’ve learned that it’s too short not to enjoy it.

Nothing a little wine can’t fix

As I unpacked my summer clothes and started up my laptop to work on my second novel, I stopped and thought to myself. This is going to be two weeks I will never forget. So, I closed my laptop and walked back down stairs to spend time with my dad instead of write.

I found myself at a crossroad because graduating from college felt like an end. It felt like it was all over, and anxiety developed within me. The one person that truly helped me was my dad. After having a meltdown in front of him, he said the words that I needed to hear…a father-daughter moment. He grabbed two glasses and a bottle of cranberry wine. We walked outside as the rain was just sprinkling over the countryside and we were sheltered under the tin roof Dad built on the deck out back.

We laughed. I laughed. And I really needed that. When you feel like you are at an end and have no where to go, grab hold to the ones you love and they will always help you find your way.

This is what I’ve learned in these two weeks of summer. Dad was right all along…sometimes a little wine is all you need…to rid the anxiety that is. And he was right. I graduated and it’s all over, but a new beginning is just over that rainy horizon. And I will always have the memories, because graduation happened.