Writing Moments and Living them…


I’ve learned to create this turtle shell around me, a protection to keep the ambition flowing through my veins like caffeine from fresh morning coffee. A protection that allows my hands to write freely, and my mind to love my thoughts unconditionally. Writing comes naturally like the beating in my heart. It tells a story in between each beat, and although I may not always listen to my own beat, it does have a rhythm that I can feel flow through me. It’s called optimism.

Writing is essential to my soul. It feeds from inspiration and beautiful things in this life. When I’m finished, I get a series of wonderment and consider what’s next. Underneath, however, there is always this sentimental piece that holds dear to my heart, a spark that makes me feel alive. I may not live forever, but my words written will speak forever.

I am a guilty descriptive writer. Being a descriptive writer does not make your ability to write scenes with more/better description, but rather shows how well you can appreciate a moment. A moment is sometimes all that’s left to hold onto. Such as the story of my Grandma’s loss love. With my first novel, The Fourth Charm, readers have said they can actually taste the red velvet cupcakes Emma Heartwood bakes. It’s all about moments, and why those moments are so precious in life. With this next novel, moments are everything. Moments go beyond just that of written words. Moments, if living in perfect harmony, are even better off the page.

Off now to a week-long vacation. As a special treat to my readers, The Fourth Charm is now FREE in the Kindle version! Enjoy!

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Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Making your way back home


Today is another Monday and while I may have been caught in the rain, I’m feeling pretty hopeful. With graduation approaching in just one month, and Henry and I weighing options for where we want to move once our lease is up, it can all get very heavy on my shoulders. But then Henry rests his hand on my back and buys me some mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the heavy air seems to be able to escape my lungs as I indulge in the creamy sweet treat. As a little girl, my grandma would always have this ice cream at her house, and I also was always at her house. Being a college student now, and about to graduate, is like being a smart newbie…with almost everything. There are so many options to look at, and what if you make the wrong decision? It could change your life forever…well, maybe.

One thing I have always wondered while in college is this: Why do I always get the feeling that I want to move back to my hometown when I’m finished? We leave home when we’re still kids, 18 or so and then follow our dreams, finding out who we really are. So, then why do we want to move back? Maybe it’s just the country talking in me, but I think we know who we are all along and what we want to do with our lives, whether it’s to become a nurse, author, or accountant. Going to college gives us some light, some guidance or courage in the right direction, and gives us so many options to choose from.

Four years of writing papers, doing homework, practicing speeches, taking exams, quizzes, and reading a million books has led me to this: What now? I think my reason for wanting to go home is simple. All my life, I’ve told myself I want to write a novel someday. Well, those four years of studying psychology and English predominately has led me to this. I’ve written my novel. I’ve completed it. It has opened my options, and I think that’s why it’s time to go home.

The Fourth Charm is my four years of college wrapped up as my own graduation gift. And very soon I will be starting my second novel in the series. Not all of us that go to college know what we want to do, but it seems I’ve known all along, I just needed the education to make it come true. So, if you’re like me and love eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and reading romance and chick-lit novels, then The Fourth Charm is your book. Enjoy your Monday everyone!

“Not all those who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

The First Vintage Bloom Novel

The Fourth Charm is a Chick-lit and Romance novel (Contemporary Women’s Fiction).

The heartwarming and emotional story of a love that blooms one sultry Seattle summer, but is put Centered book coveron hold while a Marine serves his final tour. Emma Heartwood wants nothing more than for Gabriel Henderson to return home so they can start a life together, even though he insists she move on and not wait for him. Emma’s simple life turns bittersweet when she finds out she’s pregnant with Gabriel’s baby and must choose between telling him now, or waiting until he’s home for good. Will Emma tell Gabriel and ease her guilt, or will she hide the truth to keep him safe? And more importantly, if she doesn’t tell him, will Gabriel forgive her for keeping a secret–if he makes it home?

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