What Are You Reading This Valentine’s Day?

In order to write, one has to learn how to read. If one wants to write romance, then one must read romance, or some would argue one must experience to know. I read not only to learn the skill of writing but also, I enjoy going into another world my mind creates from words on antique paper. Books take me on a journey. Not only to where the author has gone, but also to where I want to go next. I ask myself, what do I really like about this book? How can I combine these likes into my own writing? If you are a writer, you may experience this outlook for guidance. We look to our history to know where we want to go. It brings new ideas and prevents the bad ones from repeating themselves…even in writing.

I look back further to John Keats and wonder what so many saw in his work. I personallyย can easily pick out what I love about this Romantic’s work, but what interests me most is what I can take away from his poems of love for Nature and women. I can carry it with me throughout all my writing. I too love Nature and romance. I have discovered my writing style to be descriptive, I love describing things of Nature…who knew!

So as a writer, what am I reading leading up to Valentine’s Day? It may surprise many of you, but I have paired my typical “Sweet Surprise Collection” with…wait for it…Fifty Shades of Grey.

What? Some of you might be thinking, oh it’s terrible writing, while others might think, been there done that. Whether we like it or not, it is soon to be a major motion film…when? Valentine’s Day! As a writer, I ask myself this…if so many say the writing is horrible, why is it a number one seller? There must be something good in the writing besides sex…right? Or, does sex sell?

So far, I’ve discovered a love story flaming to begin. The writing is a distraction at times when a mistake is so easily noticed, but I find myself forgiving the author based solely on how intrigued I’ve become with Mr. Grey and Miss Anastasia Steele. The love story is fascinating as of now. I am almost done with the first novel, and I’ll see to reading the second and third.

Why read such a novel? One reason…the people like it! Heck, I like it! Sometimes in writing it’s not about perfecting grammar and all that comes with it. You have to intrigue your audience. Fifty Shades of Grey is doing just that. Romance writing has many twists and turns, and learning what people like is a huge help. Am I excited to see the movie? Oh, yes. Well, I’m off to romance land in both my reading and writing…enjoyment and work.



The Start of the Red Velvet Series: The Fourth Charm

Life is always better with a cupcake. In Emma Heartwood’s world, it’s a perfectly baked, frosted, and sprinkled red velvet cupcake. As I created my main character for The Fourth Charm, I kept craving sweets at a bakery, so I apologize in advance if you are drooling on your paperback copy or Kindle this weekend when it’s released. Emma is sweet, hard working, and kind, but then she meets Gabriel who is strong and a Marine. Gabriel is the kind of gentleman we all dream of.

So, how do cupcakes play into their love story? Red Velvet Bakery is owned by Emma’s mom and she works there with her best friend, Kendall. Kendall is every girl’s best friend. We will discover more about Kendall as the Red Velvet Series continues. For now, we get to see her humor and grow to love her as a main character. As the release date for The Fourth Charm approaches, I begin to grow excited. At first, I thought, oh, no it’s over. But then I realized, how much I love these characters and how much more I have to tell. I will say, without spoiling, that the second Vintage Bloom novel will be about the summer Emma spends in New York with her dad, before she meets Gabriel.

What is the fourth charm? Well, all I can say is read and find out. It’s heartwarming to me, and leads into the second novel. Get ready, because the start of the Red Velvet Series has begun! Release day is FRIDAY, and can be purchased on Amazon.com!