One Raindrop


Inside one raindrop the world changes.

Beginning as droplets on chipped windowsills

bringing their forgiveness, happiness, or sadness.

Not because the translucent angel tears

seep emotions out with the rain,

but becauseΒ it is the rain.

Sunny days are beautiful, but the rain…

the rain reveals true feelings

while rainbows are proof of promise.

Such a beautiful thing in this world is

raindrops on soft and fragrant flower petals

the kind that only bloom for a week or two all year.

It’s a dream.

A dream that replays like a favorite black and white movie.

Maybe it’s a memory? And finally waking up is inevitable

while the sun of a new day beams down its glory.

It’s that one little raindrop filled with life…

that just disappears.

It evaporates into the air

or soaks its way into the stem of that flower.

Here it will forever live on and come back in memory.

Only on another rainy day

will I see that one raindrop,

and be chasing the lilac dream.

Autumn Blessings Fall Generously

Autumn blessings fall generously and

The summer bloom dulls.

Magical Orange, red, and yellow

Emerge from the green like


midnight pumpkin.

October is here.

Humble I am as the leaves change color,

And with the wind,

Drop to the ground.

Every coffee shop drifts cinnamon aroma,

Dripped in pumpkin-spiced flavour.

Plaid scarves wrap around

The ones we love

Bringing us another kiss closer.

Autumn blessings fall like leaves

Oh so generously.

after the rain…

an awakening lives within me

a soul that feeds my heart dripping in pure honey

I breathe in sweet raindrops, a true treasured beauty

while the out-pour streams down my shoulders, kissed by the sun,

renewing till the freckled imperfections appear once more

a blessing, an angel’s kiss when it fell from heaven

bliss flashes forth, graceful with butterfly wings

fast like the hummer, and gone like the wind

sunken in has the rain to my skin

the silver lining of a raindrop

lives on after the rain…


Completely At Peace


Where the wind blows even softer

and freely flows between my edges,

completely at peace.

Where my dimples diverge deeper into each cheek

and the happiness bounces back

from the snow white clouds,

completely at peace.

Where the white grows fonder around the iris

and the color of life wisps across

my plump flesh like hummingbirds to a beat,

completely at peace.

Barefoot toes spread freely, letting go of steam.

My mind rests tonight for the wine lets go of worries.