Happy Birthday to a Special Friend! (Get Her Book For FREE!)


When I transferred to a four-year college I had very few people that I knew, but then there was Jenna, who also transferred. She was an Englishย major and I was a psychology major. My senior year I took an Outdoor Writing course with Jenna (my senior year being the best). She was working on writings that I as well enjoy. We became close and soon I was walking all over the University city to get fresh air with this petite and friendly blonde named Jenna. During winter breaks we would meet up for Starbucks and walk to a close by Reserve. And when the weather was hot, we’d walk downtown for soft-served ice cream! College was easier with someone who had the same career interests. She inspired me to create my own blog because of the amazing blog she has, The Jenna Devin Blog. With her inspiration and the help of my intuition, I wrote my first novel and learned what I truly love to do.

Today is Jenna’s birthday, and I would like to thank her for the great college experience. She is a true sweetheart that deserves the best. Today, I wish her a happy birthday! In honor of her birthday, Jenna is giving away her book, Reflections on Life From an Optimistic Romantic, for free in the Kindle version. She writes short stories, poems, and does photography. She is currently writing and searching for a career in editing. She is one true friend and I’m thankful to have had her in my college life.

Happy Birthday Jenna!