A Vintage Bloom Reflection (Hummers, Blooms, and a Novel)

Hummingbirds are consistently rushing to my deck for the sweet nectar I put out for them. I recently planted some beautiful petunias to lay underneath the hummingbird feeder and it wasn’t long till they learned of my peaceful little garden on my deck. I love it here. Perfect for writing and reading a sweet novel like Fault in Our Stars. Everyone needs a space where they can go to just sit, watch, and observe. This is my space. The flowers, the frequent humming and the sound of words being typed on my computer fills my heart with warmth, with love. It feeds my soul.

There is something wonderful in planting flowers. Just knowing they will bloom and have a purpose fills me with so much delight. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a purpose to care for these small birds, hummers. A while back, when I was a teenager, I went with my best friend and got a hummingbird tattooed on my upper leg. There was a reason I did this. I knew that was the only time I’d ever be in a tattoo parlor getting anything inked up. That was my one time to be adventurous and step outside my boundaries. The boundaries of comfort. Somethings are just meant to be. Everyday, 365 days of the year I wake up with a hummingbird tattooed on my leg, and only for a few of those days do I get to actually be in the presence of hummers at my feeder. It’s my purpose to care. My last semester of college I took an outdoor writing course, and yes I excelled. I finished with an A, and it was my favorite class. Writing for nature, well, being a voice for nature is so rewarding on the inside. I saw on Birds and Blooms website that you can actually take a class to be hummingbird certified, and of course, I am putting it on my list to achieve. It should be a fun adventure to learn even more, expert level on hummingbirds. Also, their subscription is only $7 right now, so if you are like me and love birds and blooms get your subscription now if you haven’t already. As I’m writing this, two hummingbirds came right to my feeder, not minding that I’m just a foot from them. It seems they can’t share because only one comes at a time. Beautiful creatures!

Here is the link for the hummingbird certification: http://www.backyardbirder.com/Content/Default.aspx

My second novel is slowly coming together. It will take time to really write what I want to say in this novel. Meanwhile, Henry and I are searching for a kitty. It won’t be long till she’s wrapped in my arms and in a new, forever home. There really is so much to look forward to in life. I suggest, to those depressed, to sit down and write out things to look forward to. Just thinking of the excitement can really release stress and bring on a humbling feeling. Think of the beauty in life, think of the beauty in your life. And, don’t forget to relax with a little wine.


Life is full of beauty and I’ve learned that it’s too short not to enjoy it.

Flowers and Plump Hummers

Over the weekend, as I thanked my mother for all that she’s done, I was able to see my hometown and feel that same breeze through my hair that I felt as a child. Driving through town with my Mom, thoughts of beautiful memories splashed over my mind like the soft drops of water hitting my face from the slip-and-slide we had built on the hill in our front yard. The neighborhood kids came over that day, and I had a blast running and sliding down the hill.cropped-img_20140712_2034591.jpg

Hometowns make us who we are and more than anything, I think it’s beautiful when you can come back home to feel that reminder. To feel you belong somewhere and will always be loved. I’ve learned that leaving my hometown makes me realize how special it is to me in my heart. Leaving home makes you appreciate it more. To know how much you love your life because of the memories of family and friends you have in that hometown.

Going back home, always reminds me of life and living. Something as simple as Grandma’s flowers that bloom every year can feed my soul with love. It’s a sensation of warmth that ignites from deep within the chest and grows to the heart. Flowers and hummingbirds give me this feeling, too. When I was little, let’s face it, when all of us were little, we didn’t have a job to worry about, we didn’t have homework, or events, and planning. All we had to do was observe and make memories. This was the best time ever in our lives. When we are older, we look back on what gave us this warming sensation in our chests and then when we see these things as adults, we are inspired.

Today, I am inspired by two little hummers, a male and female that are now hanging out at my bird feeder. It’s the first day I saw a hummer at my feeder. It gives me pleasure to watch them drink nectar because they are so beautiful and so tiny. It makes me forget all the daily hassles and things I need to do. They remind me to slow down and just watch. So, I grab another cup of hot coffee and watch these beautiful little creatures while I study for finals and search for my new apartment some more. Hopeful for a kitten I will soon take home. Thankful I’m here to watch hummers, thankful for everything in my life, and all I’ve been blessed with. Because when it really comes down to it, it’s loved ones and nature that matter the most in life, and make us complete.

Small joys in life: waiting for the hummingbird

As I grab my hot cup of coffee and follow the sounds of the many chirping birds outside my bay window that overlooks the city trees, I can’t help but be hopeful. The sun shines in and warms my body as the early, soft summer breeze flows through the screens of the window, cooling my coffee gently. The smell of rain still lingers from the night before, and reminds me how much I love nature. My favorite place in the world is sitting and watching the hummingbirds. Occasionally, a Robin will fly up close to my window and even the bees try to get at the sweet, homemade nectar from the window feeder. There is something beautiful in observing the sweet humming of a hungry little hummingbird.

I patiently wait and wait to see when the first hummingbird will take a sip from the feeder I had put out the night before. Word has it that they are back already, and I instantly grew excited, like a child on Christmas morning, when I heard this. So, the night before, I carefully poured a cup of sugar into four cups of water and boiled it, and then let it cool. Now, as summer is approaching quickly, I know I will see the hummingbirds soon, and I know they will be hungry. I’ve always had a passion for hummingbirds. I think it’s more of a caring sensation that overwhelms me because they are one of many little beauties in nature.

This small joy in life, waiting until I see the first hummer of the season, is truly what life is about. Sometimes its the small things in life that make us slow down and see what’s really important in life. And sometimes the small things in life are also the best things in life. So, here I am…waiting to see the first hummer of the season at my window feeder. Good things come to those who wait!


(If you look closely, you can see the moth hummer near the middle on the left)