Nothing a little wine can’t fix

As I unpacked my summer clothes and started up my laptop to work on my second novel, I stopped and thought to myself. This is going to be two weeks I will never forget. So, I closed my laptop and walked back down stairs to spend time with my dad instead of write.

I found myself at a crossroad because graduating from college felt like an end. It felt like it was all over, and anxiety developed within me. The one person that truly helped me was my dad. After having a meltdown in front of him, he said the words that I needed to hear…a father-daughter moment. He grabbed two glasses and a bottle of cranberry wine. We walked outside as the rain was just sprinkling over the countryside and we were sheltered under the tin roof Dad built on the deck out back.

We laughed. I laughed. And I really needed that. When you feel like you are at an end and have no where to go, grab hold to the ones you love and they will always help you find your way.

This is what I’ve learned in these two weeks of summer. Dad was right all along…sometimes a little wine is all you need…to rid the anxiety that is. And he was right. I graduated and it’s all over, but a new beginning is just over that rainy horizon. And I will always have the memories, because graduation happened.

Flowers and Plump Hummers

Over the weekend, as I thanked my mother for all that she’s done, I was able to see my hometown and feel that same breeze through my hair that I felt as a child. Driving through town with my Mom, thoughts of beautiful memories splashed over my mind like the soft drops of water hitting my face from the slip-and-slide we had built on the hill in our front yard. The neighborhood kids came over that day, and I had a blast running and sliding down the hill.cropped-img_20140712_2034591.jpg

Hometowns make us who we are and more than anything, I think it’s beautiful when you can come back home to feel that reminder. To feel you belong somewhere and will always be loved. I’ve learned that leaving my hometown makes me realize how special it is to me in my heart. Leaving home makes you appreciate it more. To know how much you love your life because of the memories of family and friends you have in that hometown.

Going back home, always reminds me of life and living. Something as simple as Grandma’s flowers that bloom every year can feed my soul with love. It’s a sensation of warmth that ignites from deep within the chest and grows to the heart. Flowers and hummingbirds give me this feeling, too. When I was little, let’s face it, when all of us were little, we didn’t have a job to worry about, we didn’t have homework, or events, and planning. All we had to do was observe and make memories. This was the best time ever in our lives. When we are older, we look back on what gave us this warming sensation in our chests and then when we see these things as adults, we are inspired.

Today, I am inspired by two little hummers, a male and female that are now hanging out at my bird feeder. It’s the first day I saw a hummer at my feeder. It gives me pleasure to watch them drink nectar because they are so beautiful and so tiny. It makes me forget all the daily hassles and things I need to do. They remind me to slow down and just watch. So, I grab another cup of hot coffee and watch these beautiful little creatures while I study for finals and search for my new apartment some more. Hopeful for a kitten I will soon take home. Thankful I’m here to watch hummers, thankful for everything in my life, and all I’ve been blessed with. Because when it really comes down to it, it’s loved ones and nature that matter the most in life, and make us complete.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Making your way back home


Today is another Monday and while I may have been caught in the rain, I’m feeling pretty hopeful. With graduation approaching in just one month, and Henry and I weighing options for where we want to move once our lease is up, it can all get very heavy on my shoulders. But then Henry rests his hand on my back and buys me some mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the heavy air seems to be able to escape my lungs as I indulge in the creamy sweet treat. As a little girl, my grandma would always have this ice cream at her house, and I also was always at her house. Being a college student now, and about to graduate, is like being a smart newbie…with almost everything. There are so many options to look at, and what if you make the wrong decision? It could change your life forever…well, maybe.

One thing I have always wondered while in college is this: Why do I always get the feeling that I want to move back to my hometown when I’m finished? We leave home when we’re still kids, 18 or so and then follow our dreams, finding out who we really are. So, then why do we want to move back? Maybe it’s just the country talking in me, but I think we know who we are all along and what we want to do with our lives, whether it’s to become a nurse, author, or accountant. Going to college gives us some light, some guidance or courage in the right direction, and gives us so many options to choose from.

Four years of writing papers, doing homework, practicing speeches, taking exams, quizzes, and reading a million books has led me to this: What now? I think my reason for wanting to go home is simple. All my life, I’ve told myself I want to write a novel someday. Well, those four years of studying psychology and English predominately has led me to this. I’ve written my novel. I’ve completed it. It has opened my options, and I think that’s why it’s time to go home.

The Fourth Charm is my four years of college wrapped up as my own graduation gift. And very soon I will be starting my second novel in the series. Not all of us that go to college know what we want to do, but it seems I’ve known all along, I just needed the education to make it come true. So, if you’re like me and love eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and reading romance and chick-lit novels, then The Fourth Charm is your book. Enjoy your Monday everyone!

“Not all those who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien