Easy Easter Basket for a Little One

This Easter, I’ve been blessed with a little Nephew and Godchild, so of course I wanted to gift him an Easter basket. But not just an Easter basket that many throw away after the holiday. Instead, I wanted to find him something useful and fill it with practical gifts.


To start, I didn’t buy a traditional Easter basket. I decided to use a storage bin. My advice is to find a simple wicker basket or canvas tote the child could use to put his or her toys in. It may sound too simple, but really it can be more useful. I also recommend shopping for the toys NOT the basket. Once you find the toys, then find the basket. Notice, too, I did not use any Easter grass, or filler. If you do decide to be crafty make sure it’s recycled or environmentally friendly, maybe even use it next year.

Next, you’ll want to make sure it is age appropriate AND beneficial to their learning. So a basket filled to the rim with candy is not such a great idea. Instead put just a few treats the child can enjoy for a few days after Easter, not months. Maybe even make treats from home. Since I’m gifting for a six-month old, instead of filling the Easter eggs with candy, I rolled up little socks that he can wear for the next couple of months.

Finally, add a little Easter to their basket. Not just Easter Bunny chocolates. I’m talking about an Easter book. Teach them about Easter, and discuss the true meaning. Arrange the gifts and you’re done! (I also added big bubbles, a small truck that counts, and a soft plush bunny, but of course, the Auntie in me gave him those gifts early!)


One last thing, have a happy Easter and enjoy spending time with loved ones!


Easter Morning: A Poem

Soft giggles fill the air

as footsteps light on the toes

spring up before Mom’s

Morning Joe. Swiftly do they sprint,

like the Easter bunny himself,

racing to reach the stuffed pastels.

Curls still smell of soft pillow and cotton

as they bounce with their bodies

past the tulips blooming. And

before a puddle, a small, yellow

and hatched from an egg,

a duckling as it plays

at the children’s feet,

greeting the happy faces

and hands that feed, then there!

There’s an egg, they rush

to see. Hop, hop, hop goes a bunny

white, fluffy and fast on his feet.

The blessed smiles on siblings

only families get to see.