For the love of Cats

Today I woke early. Small, hungry meows bellowed from my almost two-year old tortoiseshell cat. Her mouth filled with saliva, anticipating the high quality canned cat food that I buy her. She licked her lips then my arm in hopes I’d wake that instant to feed her. She purred loudly, but waited patiently. Me waking up was the only way she’d feed her hungry tummy.

I rubbed my eyes and pet her soft fur, then watched as she raced down the stairs. She had won.

It’s a privilege to feed your pet, not just a responsibility. But today was different feeding my sweet ball of fur named Katniss.

Once I set her Nature’s Variety Instinct, salmon-flavored wet food in a raised glass dish near her water and dry food dish, I noticed another beautiful creature outside. I’ve seen her before, but never have I seen her out and about this early in the morning. Usually she roams about at night.

She was a mirror image of my Katniss. A young “tortie,” wild and free lurking by the trees. She seemed so calm. When she was a kitten, I tried to catch this kitty and her orange tabby companion. I wish I would have tried harder back then to catch her because now she is much bigger, and perhaps more wild.

Before winter we found one of her brothers. A small gray kitten hidden inside a car. It meowed for his orange tabby cat mother, but we never saw her around for days. We knew there were kittens in the yard under a drain, but nobody could ever get to them. We’d all just leave food and water for them and their mother. How this little kitten got a few yards away, I’ll never know.

We cleaned that little gray kitten up. Got him some food, water, and toys. He loved catnip and began to trust human hands. He went to a loving home…success! We were able to save that kitten, but how do you capture a young, adult stray…I mean feral kitty? And does she even want to be captured? So, I thought. What can I do. What’s the one thing both stray, feral, and pet cats love, and that us humans can provide for them? Food. I raced outside like the crazy cat lady I am, carrying a can of food with me.

She saw me and I had her attention. Such a beautiful cat. I opened the can, the noise keeping her from running off. The noise that makes Katniss run from any room in the house to the kitchen. I set it on the ground and walked back inside. I watched from the window both my Katniss inside and her mirror image outside. Different places, yet both the same. Torties, but also cats. I then realized a bigger picture.

You don’t need to necessarily “capture” this beauty, but rather like everything and everyone you encounter, leave them in a better condition then when you first saw them. If I can feed this outdoor kitty, who may not have eaten anything in awhile, then that is pure joy in itself. You cannot change everything. You can’t fix everything. You just have to look at the bright side and be kind. Offer your kindness to everyone and every living thing. Don’t turn your cheek on stray cats, or even feral cats. I learned my lesson with feral cats the hard way, but at least I showed my kindness and can prove it with my three inch scar. But this outdoor kitty, I’d term a stray, a community kitty.

Neighbors I’ve talked to have tried also to capture these kitties before, to spay and neuter them, and find them homes, but none have had success, at least not on her. Last year it was the orange tabby, this one’s mother. And now with spring coming, it’s only a matter of time before this tortie has babies. You may be asking, how do I know this tortie is a female? Fun fact, most tortie cats ARE female, very rarely are there male torties. Genetics.

If only we could control this. Are we suppose to control this? I think yes. Some if not all of this is our human fault. People drop cats off all the time to different places. Barns are a different story, but a large apartment community? I suppose we are in the country, technically, with a barn and field surrounding our apartment lot.

This is a problem that i wish could be fixed overnight, but sadly it cannot. I cannot run out there and magically pick up that beautiful, plump tortie. Some realities we just have to face. But if that cat is in my viewing area, I will always go out and feed her. And now just as I was about to finish this story, there is the orange kitty companion, strutting down the sidewalk as if it’s another normal day. Oh, how to fix this. Until then, don’t turn the other way. You never know who or what may need your help, and you never know what kind of joy they may bring you. For the love of cats, show kindness to those in need, but accept what we cannot change. Never give up on trying. It’s called compassion, and it makes us human.

My Espresso Truffle Kitten…Katniss


Whoever said cats will be cats is simply wrong. Cats will be more than just cats. They will be your best friend, your joy, and even your writing buddy. Katniss is our new kitten Henry and I adopted just days ago. It was our first time going into a humane society and adopting.

As I entered the “cat room” many emotions washed over me. I felt overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful cats and kittens meowing for my attention. I found my hand reaching out to touch each one as I walked through the storm of meowing. Then, I felt saddened that each cat has yet to find a home. Henry and I stayed awhile saying hi to each cat, then finally we came together to make a hard decision…which one do we take home?

Henry chose three that he really liked. They were playful, friendly, and of course…cute. But something inside didn’t feel complete yet. So, we walked around some more. There were three kittens separated from the others. One was really, I mean extremely shy. Another a black and white mix kitten, very friendly. The other…well, she was sleeping, until Henry clicked his tongue softly and immediately this beautiful four-month tortoiseshell kitty came purring to Henry’s finger tip. She was the one.

The humane society described her as “spunky,” we describe her as “crazy!” She has a gentle side to her where she will purr for half an hour and lick our faces. The other side to her thinks everything is play…even our fingers and toes.

It’s been hard to teach her to not bite at our toes and fingers. Using a spray bottle works well with her. Sometimes, she literally gets soaked with that spray bottle, but she is learning. The absolute hardest part of having a kitten is the fact that she does have nails. Declawing is very inhumane, and we’ve been looking at the other options available. We know that she doesn’t intend to hurt us, ever, because she is just playing.

20140703_164833 (1)

This morning she’s learned, I think, that it hurts us because she is starting to lick our fingers and toes after she “attacks…” never to the extreme though. When I take her out on the deck every morning and wrap her up in my arms, she purrs on my shoulder making everything better. She will sit in my lap and watch the hummingbirds with me. It reminds me that she’s just a kitten and has a lot to learn…kind of like all of us.

So, why Katniss? Well, have you read The Hunger Games? Do you know Katniss’ nickname? Catnip. This kitten is full of energy with a huge heart. She reminds us of Katniss, and after listing through a million names, Katniss just spoke to us.

Today, as I write, she is my little writing buddy and my spunky inspiration. She is my fourth charm. She jumps up into my arms and watches as I write. She is more than just a cat. She’s my little espresso truffle. xo