The Start of the Red Velvet Series: The Fourth Charm

Life is always better with a cupcake. In Emma Heartwood’s world, it’s a perfectly baked, frosted, and sprinkled red velvet cupcake. As I created my main character for The Fourth Charm, I kept craving sweets at a bakery, so I apologize in advance if you are drooling on your paperback copy or Kindle this weekend when it’s released. Emma is sweet, hard working, and kind, but then she meets Gabriel who is strong and a Marine. Gabriel is the kind of gentleman we all dream of.

So, how do cupcakes play into their love story? Red Velvet Bakery is owned by Emma’s mom and she works there with her best friend, Kendall. Kendall is every girl’s best friend. We will discover more about Kendall as the Red Velvet Series continues. For now, we get to see her humor and grow to love her as a main character. As the release date for The Fourth Charm approaches, I begin to grow excited. At first, I thought, oh, no it’s over. But then I realized, how much I love these characters and how much more I have to tell. I will say, without spoiling, that the second Vintage Bloom novel will be about the summer Emma spends in New York with her dad, before she meets Gabriel.

What is the fourth charm? Well, all I can say is read and find out. It’s heartwarming to me, and leads into the second novel. Get ready, because the start of the Red Velvet Series has begun! Release day is FRIDAY, and can be purchased on!


The First Vintage Bloom Novel

The Fourth Charm is a Chick-lit and Romance novel (Contemporary Women’s Fiction).

The heartwarming and emotional story of a love that blooms one sultry Seattle summer, but is put Centered book coveron hold while a Marine serves his final tour. Emma Heartwood wants nothing more than for Gabriel Henderson to return home so they can start a life together, even though he insists she move on and not wait for him. Emma’s simple life turns bittersweet when she finds out she’s pregnant with Gabriel’s baby and must choose between telling him now, or waiting until he’s home for good. Will Emma tell Gabriel and ease her guilt, or will she hide the truth to keep him safe? And more importantly, if she doesn’t tell him, will Gabriel forgive her for keeping a secret–if he makes it home?

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