Completely At Peace


Where the wind blows even softer

and freely flows between my edges,

completely at peace.

Where my dimples diverge deeper into each cheek

and the happiness bounces back

from the snow white clouds,

completely at peace.

Where the white grows fonder around the iris

and the color of life wisps across

my plump flesh like hummingbirds to a beat,

completely at peace.

Barefoot toes spread freely, letting go of steam.

My mind rests tonight for the wine lets go of worries.



A secret place


 The secret path that only

you and I know.

The one that follows

to the shore.

Your heart, it beats steady,

and I flutter with my

wings, strong like a

Monarch in rhythm

to the beat.

Sweet kisses I breathe in,

so serene that I lean

in, and rest

in your embrace.

Secret path, secret place.

Together we will stay.


Easter Morning: A Poem

Soft giggles fill the air

as footsteps light on the toes

spring up before Mom’s

Morning Joe. Swiftly do they sprint,

like the Easter bunny himself,

racing to reach the stuffed pastels.

Curls still smell of soft pillow and cotton

as they bounce with their bodies

past the tulips blooming. And

before a puddle, a small, yellow

and hatched from an egg,

a duckling as it plays

at the children’s feet,

greeting the happy faces

and hands that feed, then there!

There’s an egg, they rush

to see. Hop, hop, hop goes a bunny

white, fluffy and fast on his feet.

The blessed smiles on siblings

only families get to see.

The First Sign of Spring

Lightly on my feet, I walk back from class

careful not to slide on the ice mother nature

so precisely mixed together when she warmed

the air early this morning. The bright sun beats down

on the roof tops, melting away the heavy snow almost

instantly. Drip, drip, drip goes the snow into water, crashing

into the ground. One by one, windows crack open, some jammed

at first, then swiftly comes in the early but fresh spring air.

Softly, a mourning dove perches on a telephone wire above.

I look up, stopping my pace just long enough for several breaths

to take in the graceful tune of this peaceful bird in nature.

It’s small head leans down as it may or may not be staring at me,

but still, it balances on that wire. And I continue on, staying

on the trail that was made by so many other footsteps, including mine.

Drip, drip, drip. The ice melts away and the snow inches closer and closer

to the edge of the roof. Soon the Robins will fly back, just in time to see

our colorful Easter eggs delicately decorated in pastels of purple, pink,

and baby blue. A fresh start. A new beginning.

A rebirth of our earth. Spring! It is a beautiful thing.