The countryside


As I stumbled upon this gorgeous photograph I couldn’t help but remember those precious times my cousins, sister and I had as kids. It’s amazing how fast time flies, yet, the connection we had when we were kids, running around in Grandma K’s backyard, is still the same. A connection you make as a child, somehow remains with you for life. As I moved away from my hometown and went to college, I didn’t get to see my family as much. But I know that in my heart, our friendship and love is there forever.

We were crazy as kids, too. We’d sleep at Grandma’s on the weekends and she’d feed us till we were so full. Always had midnight popcorn and she bought our favorite cereal, too. And how did we repay her on those weekends? We’d run outside early in the morning and jump on her lawnmower and fly around the land, the countryside. Me, Josh, Jacob, and Rachel. Us four, we were the kind of grandchildren you remember. One time, Josh had accidentally mowed over Grandma’s small patch of flowers that were given to her from her mother. He stuck them back in the ground and went back to playing. Next thing we know, Grandma comes hollering at us kids, “Who cut off my flower?” Oh, she was so mad at first, then she laughed, and I mean hard. She found humor in all the things we got into.

Another day, Josh got into a vehicle and started driving with Rachel in the back seat while Jacob and I got into more trouble with the lawnmower. Grandma was so mad, she sent us back to my Mom, and she made us pick up rocks from the yard as punishment. Oh, Josh was so mad, but what can you do? Then, when Dad got a four-wheeler, you know what us four kids were doing then. No helmet, no shoes just riding free on the countryside. That’s what the countryside is, it’s free. You might say there’s still rules, but really there are none. We’d fight over whose turn it was and jump on the back when it wasn’t. Those really were the days.


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